Digital Transformation solutions

Mobile Picking App

This mobile app operates the primary transactions like order item picking and counts in warehouse and stores through a mobile or tablet. Picker will be notified on the mobile application if any new order is being assigned. Picking Order dashboard is created for different status. Picker will pick the Items and then notification will be sent to Packer for packing and shipping the order to customer.


RetailHub is AWS cloud based platform that enables transformation and transportation (Inbound and Outbound) of encrypted data securely across applications. 3rd party application can pull the data/files from S3 Bucket using SFTP server. RetailHub supports following Master Product data on AWS Cloud

  • Item Hierarchy/Master
  • Item Inventory
  • Item Pricing

RetailHub has adaptors that transform ERP data into Salesforce and Magento e-commerce supported format. RetailHub is very scalable platform and new adaptors can be easily and quickly build. 

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is a AWS cloud based solution that enables product stock visibility Realtime across multiple sourcing locations. Framework was build using Web services to provide the best fit location for Customer order fulfillment. Multiple Sourcing criteria can be configured based on unique customer requirement. Item can be sourced  across multiple sourcing location rather than just 1 location.

  • Cost of delivery
  • Location priority
  • Order matching ratio
  • Max stock on hand ratio
  • Based on brand & sku

Single View of Inventory (SVoI)

SVoI is a AWS cloud based solution that ensures that real time inventory updates are shared from any ERP (Oracle RMS, SAP etc) to any e-commerce platform like Oracle CX Commerce, Salesforce, Hybris, Magento (IMS). SVoI helps increase the sales by providing better visibility of Product inventory on the website. It improves customer experience by reducing the Order cancellation by inventory mismatch across channels.